MTN Biking

Among the other outdoor activities enjoyed by visitors to Idyllwild, mountain biking has been growing at phenomenal rates over the past several years. Idyllwild’s location in Southern California is perfect for people who want to enjoy remote rides, scenic rides, mountainous rides, but don’t want to have to deal with tons of people on a trail.

Always use safety and common sense when biking. Idyllwild recently received a nice cell phone dish which gives us pretty good coverage. Bringing a cell phone on the ride might be a good idea. Also, wear proper protection, bring water and a small snack. Be smart, be considerate of others. Oh yeah, don’t litter up the trails. If the trails start getting littered and people start abusing the trail (such as going off the trail and making an impact on the ecosystem) I guarantee the forest service will shut it down. So, don’t ruin it for the future. If we can show that bikers are easy on the ecosystem, maybe more routes will become available